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Who I am?

China SEO Specialist is a freelance SEO specialist based in the metropolitan city of Shanghai China. I am happy to work as a white label freelancer, to provide China SEO services for both agencies and international companies. I am proud to the efforts if my Chinese industry skills can help you expand your recognition, and improve your search results and ROI campaigns. I specialize in Chinese keywords research, content writing, landing pages creation, China social medias and Baidu PPC management at affordable prices.

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Helps I Do?

China SEO Services

Chinese SEO Expert with fluent English
As a native Chinese, I am familiar with Chinese language and the marketplace nicely. China SEO comes with its particular and tough surroundings of complicated language issues, cultural differences, user behavior, legal issues, censorship, and technical concerns. The interface is mostly presented in simplified Chinese.

I know more Baidu Techniques
As the top Chinese search engine, Baidu has become higher to index the Chinese characters. Baidu has a close cooperation with the Chinese government and apply the strict policies of censorship. Baidu gives favorable bonus to websites hosted in China.

Think as Chinese Logic
To be able to assist my customers rank on higher page of Baidu, you have to know the Chinese common sense. Be aware of the politic of Chinese backlinks, Keep away from some forbidden words, How to get the Trust rank advantage? How to apply for ICP license in order to enhance the click-through-rate? How important it will effect the organic ranking.

Ethical SEO Methods -White Hat Only
I do not use "technical tricks", a black hat SEO method, that violates the rules of SERPS. I will analyze your target Chinese audience and custom make SEO solutions for your business. It is important to build a long-term success in Chinese SEO, and
improve the profitability of your enterprise.

Be a White label SEO
I am happy to remain invisible as a white label SEO specialist. I like to work based on non-disclosure-agreements in the industry.
I help you open some China social media account, registration and verification on your behalf. You will own your access and manage your social media accounts if not working with me.

I develop customized strategies for every business I partner with. The following pricing table give you a reference glimpse at the depth of service to provide.

Custom China SEO Services at Transparent Prices
  • China SEO Audits 60US$/each time
  • Copy Writing in Chinese 40US$ per page
  • Chinese Infographics & Motion Graphics 10US$/10 images
  • Chinese Web Video Production Services 75 to 80 USD/each
  • China Page Speed Optimization 10USD/per consultancy
  • Chinese User Experience Testing 100US$/10 pages
  • Chinese Landing Page Design 75US$/per page
  • China Web server analysis 20US$/ per site
  • Chinese Keywords research 100US$/up to 100 keywords t
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis in China 400US$/up to 50 keywords/among top ten competitors
  • Baidu Analytics setup with conversion tracking 1000US$/per month/ Minimum three months
  • Chinese web sitemap setup 30US$/per site
  • Image and video optimization 40US$/page
  • China Link Building 150US$/weekly
  • On-site SEO (Meta Tags/Header Tags Optimized) 300US$/10 pages
  • Baidu PPC management 300US$/monthly/ up to 10 ads t

Start-up Monthly Plan

$600 per Month
  • Working time is One Hour per day based on 30USD per hour. 30$ X 1 Hour X 5 Days X 4 Weeks = 600 USD

Basic Monthly Plan

$1000 per month
  • Working time is Two Hours per day based on 25 USD per hour. 25$ X 2 Hours X 5 Days X 4 weeks = 1000 USD
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Connect With MrSheng.Work

Sam Li Sheng is a freelance SEO specialist, website developer and digital marketing consultant. His work experience has over ten years, ranging from international marketing strategy to Google and Baidu SEO. He has contributed to big promotional projects for famous American brands like HBO, Disney, NASA and General Motor. When he is not busy working in front the laptop, he can be found Zumba dancing in the gym or outdoor photographing in travel.

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