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Who I Am?

My name is Mr Sheng, Li, a Chinese citizen based in Shanghai China. I started the virtual assistant service as a white label freelancer in 2018. I am native Chinese speaker and fluent in English. I help startups grow, small and middle entrepreneurs to fill skills gaps, busy executives to achieve work-life balance, and to increase growth and profits. I specialize in assisting expats to settle into China and helping companies penetrate China market. My service charge is affordable depending on your contract duration and hours worked. I make your life easier and your business bigger.

Pay according to your requirements, I offer flexible packages fitting your budget

Get access to the Chinese market, I speak and translate Chinese language and familiar with China policies

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My Mission

Meet marketing technologies, I market your business with outstanding technologies

Delegate, reduce workload and focus on your core business, I clean your to-do list

Improve your online presence, I respond promptly to consumer queries

Reduce your operational costs, I organize office space, equipment, and internet services

Find time for your personal life, I help you to get back your work-life balance

Make your life easier. My professionals will help you set up and run your business smoothly. My support strengthens your business with great results and time-savings. My mission is to provide my clients with excellent qualified virtual assistant service, and to grow your business and profits.

What services to offer?

Business Events Coordination

When your company is finding a way to market to China and plan an event or campaign, to use a Chinese virtual assistant will help you time and energy saving. I, as a virtual assistant, will set up the proper arrangement, depending on your specific requirements. My professionals will select the venue, make the bookings, maintain the relationship with vendors, supervise and oversee the execution.

Business Introduction

My professionals can help you find the Chinese resources at every stage of your business from concept to multinational. It is easily reachable with me to help you establish a proper introduction of your organization to flourish and blossom your business contacts.

China Digital Marketing

If you try to begin the China digital marketing alone, you will find quite different situations in China although marketing online is the best and money-saving way to reach Chinese audience. I can help you make the most of digital marketing and increase your reach throughout global Chinese audience. I am able to tailor your business to fit the environment of intense competition, including, Chinese social media optimization, content writing and blogging, SEO, PPC, video marketing and more.

General Administrative Support

I work as an experienced virtual assistant with the comprehensive understanding and orientation in the bilingual environment. I like to offer an extensive online administrative support, such as, telephone answer, data entry and travel arrangements, I can help you get everything done.

Lead Management

One of my virtual assistant services is to grow leads and follow up with your leads. Having an efficient expertise level, I will help you to engage prospective customers and gain additional clientele range as to the industry specification, business environment, demographics, and behaviors.

Market Researches

I can help you carry out the necessary market research interactively, including the competitor analysis, objectives definition, target audience examination, plans development, and present you the findings, suitable to your business environment and situation.

Online Meetings

As a virtual assistant, I can help you set up online collaboration and communication sharing among the meeting participants taking into account all the needs and goals. I like to help you to proceed with your online meeting smoothly and quickly and increase its productivity.


As your virtual assistant, I like to translate your documents, blogs, websites, eBook and social media posts from English to Chinese. Chinese language should never be a barrier to your business’ success. I can also organize localization and proofreading services.

Travel Organization and Management

I understand the complexity of your China business travel and time arrangement. I will create an extensive travel plan, make the necessary accommodation arrangements, provide the required bookings, and make sure that everything is arranged according to your plan. Your virtual assistant makes your time and effort more productive; you can simply focus on what your company needs.

Virtual Business Address in Shanghai China

You can use my Shanghai office address as your business address to establish a presence in China. My virtual assistant service include call answering services with your business name and mail handling at no additional cost. My office is located in the JinQiao Industrial Zone of Shanghai. You may direct your mails to my address, to have it forwarded by scanned emails or picked it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Virtual Assistant Monthly Plan

Hiring a virtual assistant is usually less expensive than a full-time employee while you get the same skills work for less money. My time is flexible, you will not be forced to pay more assistance than you need. Please choose the plans below or ask for custom plan to suit your budget and needs.

Start-up Plan

US$500 per Month
  • Suitable for start-up business who required occasional help, inquiries and coordinations
  • Up to 1 hour per day
  • 5 days per week
  • US$ 25 hourly rate

Basic Plan

US$1000 per Month
  • Suitable for professionals who required extra help to boost your productivity.
  • Up to 2 hours per day
  • 5 days per week
  • $ 25 hourly rate

Part-Time Plan

US$1800 per Month
  • Ideal for small business owners who have regular tasks, but limited resources
  • Up to 4 hours per day
  • 5 days per week
  • $ 22.50 hourly rate